Kahve by Özlem Tezveren

Kahve is a Casual Wear boutique/atelier that brings a comfortable, fashionable and affordable clothing line onto the dance floor as well as the streets. All pieces are in limited quantity, making every item one of a kind. Chosen from travels around the world, the clothing is designed in our Mission Beach atelier in San Diego, California. As a local business Kahve takes pride in bringing you the most unique pieces with the highest quality of fabrics at interesting prices.


Tangoleva – Dressing tangueras worldwide since 1998

Designed and produced by tango dancers, we have our finger on the pulse of tango fashion. Tangoleva knows what works, what feels good, what looks great. Preserving the classics and continually creating inspired pieces. Express your mood and personality with Tangoleva. Fabulous tango dresses, skirts, pants, tops and more!


Atelier Vertex – by Rina

Atelier Vertex by Rina designs and makes one-of-a-kind tango pieces turning a vision into a dress and a woman into a vision”


Souple by Yuli B.

In French, Souple means “flexible” and that they are without compromise to the support and stability needed by professional tango dancers.  Soft and flexible like a ballroom shoe with the character and support of a tango shoe; “Souple” is the professional choice for dance made in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Finally, a brand that understands the needs of women.

Each pair is made with high quality leather and inspected for quality by the some of the best shoe craftsmen in Buenos Aires.  For the classically trained, yes, you can point your feet in them. Within days of trying them on, they mold to your feet like gloves. They are the brand of choice among famous professional tango dancers such as Geraldine Rojas, Ariadna Naveira, Ines Muzzopappa, Virginia Pandolfi, and Carolina Bonaventura. Luxury, elegance and comfort without compromise. Souple.

Souple is distributed exclusively in the United States by Yuli B. Please contact us with any comments at .



Madame Pivot – Italian Tango Shoes

We love Italian Tango Shoes !!!
The Italian Tango Shoes with the brilliant, 100% handcrafted in Italy.
Madame Pivot tango shoes have become a trademark in the tango industry.
The quality of Italian craftsmanship gives this brand high desirability. The unique qualities and designs will make your dancing an even more enjoyable experience. The elegant aesthetics and fashionable design make Madame Pivot one of the most recognizable tango shoes from Italy!
Madame Pivot tango shoes have the highest standards for materials using some of the most durable and luxurious leathers from Italy, complimenting them with the strictest attention to details.
The final result is a very comfortable, durable and stylish tango shoes!
Comfort, quality and style at your feet.
… A true masterpiece!

turquoise logo

Turquoise Shoes – Handmade in Istanbul

Turquoise Tango Dance Shoes are designed and handmade in Istanbul, Turkey, by a team of advanced dancers and shoemakers committed to creating comfortable, durable, and elegant footwear for men and women around the world.

Turquoise believes that perfection is an on-going journey, just like tango, which evolves continuously. Just as dancers work to improve their technique, Turquoise strives constantly to perfect their shoes. Turquoise offers numerous unique styles, and — something important to female clients — many are one of a kind. Half sizes, not available from other leading tango shoe brands, are offered at Turquoise, resulting in a perfect fit.

Charity Jensen is the US Turquoise Shoes exclusive distributor, and Jennifer Olson also carries Turquoise Shoes. They will both represent Turquoise Tango Shoes at the San Diego Tango Festival.


Bandolera, Turquoise, Comme il Faut, NeoTango, DNI, and DeBailar tango shoes from Jennifer Lynn Olson. (971) 219-7075.


Jorge Nel Designs – represented by Linda Garwood

Our Tango shoes are affordable & custom made dance shoes with expert craftsmanship by artisans. This family-run shop has been in business for two generations. They have more than 50 different designs in dance shoes, special Tango shoes, salsa shoes and ballroom shoes.  New designs every month, in a wide variety of colors and materials. Made with authentic leather inside and outside, extras like: double cushioning, arch support, soft rubber platforms, leather soles, and suede soles.