Mitra and Stefan
Mitra and Stefan

Mitra Martin ~ In the course of her nearly 14 years’ devotion to Tango, Mitra has taught and inspired hundreds of Tango dancers in LA and beyond. Dance and teaching run deep in her blood: her grandparents danced Tango in France in the 40s, and founded one of the first private schools for women in Iran.Since childhood, Mitra was engrossed in poetry, languages, music, and theater. In 1997 she graduated with honors from Princeton with a degree in Comparative Literature and a minor in Theater and Dance. The following year, during a visit to Buenos Aires, she discovered the beautiful discipline that was a natural frame for all her interests and has been captivated with Tango’s enigmas ever since. She has explored Alexander Technique and Contact Improvisation to deepen and refine her Tango, and has an active Yoga practice. Mitra’s experiences teaching and learning in Montessori settings, combined with her four years of group facilitation training, make her an extraordinarily effective, lucid, and playful teacher.

Stefan Fabry~ For more than two decades Stefan has dedicated his life to self-discovery. Dance has always played a central role in this exploration, since Stefan sees a healthy, capable and responsive body as an essential medium for living fully, feeling deeply, and finding peace. He inspires students to embrace Argentine Tango as a joyful and challenging practice that deepens our awareness of ourselves, one another, and our relationships.Stefan’s dance training at Tanz Projecte Koln, his seventeen years of Contact Improvisation, and his decade-long apprenticeship with legendary modern dance choreographer Rudy Perez, has inspired him to engage Tango as a fine art, taking it beyond its limits as a social dance. Building on his roots as an improviser, he takes an experimental and disciplined approach to Tango’s movement tenets.

Yuliana and Brian
Brian and Yuliana

Brian and Yuliana crossed paths at a milonga in 2007. Together they travel to Argentina a few times a year to continue their tango education with maestros. They’ve taught and performed in several festivals and milongas such as El Congreso in Toronto, Valentango in Portland, Tango MundoFestival in Palm Springs, Mercury Cafe in Denver and La Nacional, Ukraine, and Nocturne Milongas in NYC. They are the 2011 U.S. Tango Champions in Tango Salon, and they took 3rd place in Tango Mundial 2011 Salon Category, the annual world competition held in Buenos Aires. You can find them at Oxygen tango school in Los Angeles where they teach group classes on Monday nights.

Yuliana Basmajyan ~ Born and raised in Armenia, Yuliana Basmajyan immigrated to the US in her early adolescent years. For many years she tested her skills in different dance forms, including modern, jazz, flamenco, and extensive training in Salsa. She discovered her talent in tango after years of salsa and switched careers to pursue what she believed to be more ‘daring’ and ‘rewarding’. She studied under world-class dancers such as Natalia Hills, Romina Levin, Andrea Misse, Melina Brufman, and Geraldine Rojas to name a few. While living the dream, she performed in tango shows and concerts that took place in Nokia theatre, Wilshire Ebell theatre, and many high-end banquet halls around CA and Mexico. Currently she teaches weekly group classes, and continues to participate in competitions in US and Argentina.

Brian Nguyen~ Born and raised in Los Angeles, Brian Nguyen started dancing at an early age. He pursued the arts of break dancing and popping for many years. But after being introduced to Argentine Tango, he quickly fell in love and since then has dedicated his time to mastering this seductive art form. Brian has performed in numerous well-known venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, Thousand Oaks Civic Center, Lobero Theatre, Royce Hall, Nokia Theatre, etc. His tango masters include Javier Rodriguez, Gabriel Misse, Jorge Dispari, Fabian Peralta, Graciela Gonzalez, Francisco Forquera, Geraldine Rojas and others. Today, he continues to influence others with the quality of his movement and the devotion he has for the traditional style of Argentine Tango.