Robin ThomasRobin Thomas

Robin is a well-known and respected Argentine Tango dancer and DJ. He has recently taught in Portland, Denver, Ann Arbor, Washington DC, Seattle, Berlin, Edinburgh, San Diego, Providence, Pittsburgh and at the universities, Yale, Princeton, and Cornell — and he DJs all over the place. When he is not traveling, Robin stays busy in his hometown of New York City teaching classes or DJing. On the rare occasion that he is neither teaching or DJing, Robin can always be seen on the dance floor, either working to expand his own understanding of Argentine tango, or simply enjoying the connection he works so hard to share with others.

Lampis ZalavrasLampis Zalavras

Lampis has been fascinated by tango and continuously tries to expand his understanding of this complex art form. He strongly believes that appropriate music is a critical factor for an emotionally fulfilling evening of dancing and he aims to achieve exactly that with his music selections. He focuses on traditional music that brings the dancers on the dance floor keeping them there until the very end of the milonga. Lampis is a sought-after DJ and has been DJing festivals and major events from coast to coast in the USA as well as all in Europe and Asia.

Shorey MyersShorey Meyers

Shorey comes from a background in martial arts and classical music. As great as her love of the dance is her love of the music, a passion which is evident whenever she steps behind the DJ booth. She DJs frequently all over the US and revels in the challenge of keeping tangueros on the floor and dancing all night long. Shorey is also an accomplished tango instructor whose primary goal is to give her students the tools necessary to make their dancing as enjoyable as possible in the shortest period of time.

Travis WidrickTravil Widrick

Travis was featured as guest DJ at some of the most popular milongas in Buenos Aires. As tango DJ his goal is to create a beautiful environment for dancing and to get you out of your seats and onto the dance floor. His passion for tango shows through in his Music and as DJ, he strives to build a wonderful energy with intense rhythmic melodies and romantic lyrical favorites. Currently, Travis is based in Buffalo, NY where he is a Tango teacher, DJ and founder of TWTango and ESO! Buffalo Tango Marathon.

Hernan PrietoDJ Hernan

Hernan Prieto has become a high-demand DJ for festivals and marathons. He tries to replicate the Buenos Aires feeling in the milongas he DJs. He is renowned for the energy he gives to the room when he DJs. Hernan has DJed festivals and marathon such as Chicago Tango Week, Valentango, Toronto Tango Festival and Marathon, Eso, Pasional and more.

Vincent Wongdj-vincent-sm

Vincent Wong is a Tango DJ in Los Angeles, California. From collecting vintage audio for critical listening in a wide variety of music, Vincent found his passion for Tango in Los Angeles 2007. As an active Tango dancer himself, he understands the music is the single most important element of a good milonga. Every song he plays in a milonga is a greatest hit. His objective is keeping most everyone dancing or enjoy listening even when they were sitting.

Amy ZhouAmy Zhou

Amy understands that the music is essential for creating a connected and joyful evening of dancing. As a DJ, she strives to inspire dancers and keep them on the floor throughout the night. She has been captivated by tango music since she started learning to dance. DJing became a natural extension of her tango journey, and she continues to explore the variety and intricacies of tango music. Amy DJ’s regularly at local milongas in Los Angeles, as well as at major West coast festivals such as San Diego and Tucson.

Mila Khoroosidj-mila-bio

As a DJ, Mila Khoroosi strives to connect with the dancers so that her selections provide them with the energy that they need to keep the dance floor alive. By exploring the subtleties of each night, she uses her experiences as a DJ to deepen her own understanding of the music and how it shapes the mood of the crowd.  She has DJed at festivals in San Diego, Fort Bragg, and Portland, as well as at SFTX.

Derek Tangdj-derek

Derek is one of the most requested DJs in Los Angeles. He consistently DJs in various milongas and practicas throughout Southern California, and has performed as a dancer for several notable events.
“The music is an essential ingredient to creating a magical evening. My responsibility as a DJ is to create the energy that will allow every dancer to express themselves to their fullest ability.”




Gricel Tango

Gricel has known the tango from a young age, listening in the kitchen at home to his mother sing tangos she in turn had learned from her father, a Basque sailor who had often been in Buenos Aires. But it was not until 2008, during a journey from Iguazu to Usuhaia, Iñaki was reunited with the tango forever. Since then, he has spent long periods in Buenos Aires, and in 2011 spent a year living in Buenos Aires to deepen his connection to the tango.

Gricel has been resident DJ since 2010 in the milongas of Donostia-San Sebastian such as “Antigua Milonga” and “AdunaTango” Since 2012 has intensified his work as DJ at events and festivals in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. He DJs both vinyl and digital formats, with a collection of over 100 vinyl of the best orchestras.

His musical style focuses on the orchestras of the golden era of tango, seeking to facilitate a natural, smooth flow of the dance floor with a suitable selection of tandas.