About The Beginner’s Tango Weekend

Jump start your New Year's resolution!

Fulya and Ozhan

Join us for a beginner’s intensive tango weekend in a gorgeous waterfront setting. Get 5½ hours of classes designed to get beginners dancing fast, and a special practice dance session to practice what you learn.

You can sign-up on our beginner’s tango registration page.

The entire beginner’s tango weekend, including 4 classes $40 if you register before December 24th.

After Dec 24th, the price is $50, so register ahead of time to get a discount.

Full time students that bring a student ID with them get a discount price of just $30!

There is also a FREE Intro to Tango class on Friday, Dec 27th from 7:30 to 9pm.

Click here to register.

Check out the class and dance schedule. There is also more information on the instructors bio page.

No! You will meet lots of great people to dance with! If you have a partner, great! If not, bring a friend!

Loose, comfortable clothes are best. Skirts shouldn’t be tight or too long. Otherwise, something that makes you feel great!

Leather bottom shoes are best (for both men and women). If you have dance shoes, great. Well fitting men’s dress shoes also work well. Women should wear a low heel (1-2 inch) shoe that straps to the foot. NO platform heels. If you want to see some of the fantastic shoes that all tango dancers aspire to check out our vendors. Just seeing the shoes might inspire you to dance!

If you are in the San Diego area, check out classes at Decir Tango. If you are in Los Angeles, check out the January classes at Oxygen Tango School.

You can contact the festival organizers at 619-393-1974 or find us on Facebook