Beginners’ Schedule

Saturday ~ January 2nd 2016
3:30-4:45pmIntro to connection, walking to the crossMitra and Stefan
5:00-6:15pmOchosMitra and Stefan
6:30-8:00pmPractica and Mixer MilongaDJ: Derek Tang

Sunday ~ January 3rd 2016
3:30-4:45pmLord of the Lines (Linear Sequences)Marc and Patricia
5:00-6:15pmGone with the Circles (Circular Sequences)Marc and Patricia
6:30-8:30pmPractica and Mixer MilongaDJ: Derek Tang

Weekend Pass is $65 for Pre-registration until December 31st, $75 January 1st, $55 for students with id.  Saturday or Sunday separately is $40, material is progressive so Sunday can only be taken separately with previous tango experience and prior instructor approval.