Navigation is important to us at SDTF! This event is built around the enjoyment of social tango, that means that everyone is dancing together to create a smooth dance ronda (or ideally, four concentric rondas).  At times it gets very crowded, with 600+ people in attendance, so this is not the place for lifts, high boleos or adornos, and other moves that endanger the dancers around you.  Please save these moves for other events or times when there is more space and it does not disrupt the dancing of those around you. If you persist in doing large moves that disrupt the ronda, and it is brought to our attention, you might be asked to modify your dancing, move to the second dance floor, or in a worst case scenario, if no middle ground can be found, to leave the event. We want everyone to be able to enjoy a smooth and flowing dance floor.  That is why all of our dance cards since 2015 have included some form of this image:
We hope that everyone who attends SDTF will read, absorb and BE this image. Yes, you CAN use this image on the back of your own cards, just ask for the hi-res file and leave the link intact please.  Or I’ll send you a stack of this year’s SDTF flyers with this on the back, just drop me an email with a mailing address! We have Jim Baker’s great floors from Tucson with their awesome lane markings.  Watching that floor load four ronda lines simultaneously at the beginning of a tanda is a thing of beauty! And followers, you have power here! If you are dancing with a leader who is violating the rules of the road, speak up! Don’t let a rogue leader ruin your reputation by careening you all over the dance floor! Here are some excellent long form descriptions of codigos that are helpful in navigating all aspects of the tango experience, from hygiene to cabaceo to properly entering the dance floor:
We want this to be a great social tango event for everyone.  We are happy to hear your feedback on how to better encourage awesome tango navigation, before, during and after the festival!  – America and the Tango Addicts team!