2024-2025 Festival DJs

We are working on returning to the Wyndham for the 2024-2025 NYE festival.

Lampis Zalavras

Lampis has been fascinated by tango and continuously tries to expand his understanding of this complex art form. He strongly believes that appropriate music is a critical factor for an emotionally fulfilling evening of dancing and he aims to achieve exactly that with his music selections. Lampis focuses on traditional music that brings the dancers on the dance floor keeping them there until the very end of the milonga. He is a sought-after DJ and has been DJing festivals and major events from coast to coast in the USA as well as all in Europe and Asia.

Sabah “The Tango Yak”

Sabah got addicted to Tango in the late nineties. It started with dancing and now it includes being a DJ.

“…Tango music occupies my thoughts and energizes my spirit and I am in constant search for good music. Although I try to vary the music I play, I am heavily influenced by the style of dance in Buenos Aires as well as the music played at the milongas there so feel free to call me old fashioned. I live for Golden age music. The emotional impact of the music is what I look for in addition to the musicality.”

Sabah and Zeina

America Milonguera

America knows that there was life before tango, but it wasn’t in this century. She has DJed for San Diego Tango Festival, Valentango and Denver Memorial and Labor Day festivals multipe times, as well as hundreds and hundreds of SoCal milongas over the past 18 years. She’s happy that SDTF is long enough this year for her to rest up and DJ again!

Azriel Ghadooshahy

Azriel’s fascination with how musical selections can influence the energy and mood in milongas emerged quickly after he began dancing tango with the MIT Tango Club in 2012. As a DJ, he tries to promote a festive and energetic atmosphere by using cortinas to set the mood, and selecting tandas for timing, pacing and balanced variety that keeps the dancers coming back for more. He is also “mildly” obsessed with sound quality and audio fidelity, which, he believes, is critical for creating a seamless and immersive experience. Hailing from Berkeley, you can regularly find him dancing and DJing around the SF-Bay area tango scene.
Azriel Ghadooshahy

Derek Tang

Derek is one of the most requested DJs in Los Angeles. He consistently DJs in various milongas and practicas throughout Southern California, and has performed as a dancer for several notable events.

“The music is an essential ingredient to creating a magical evening. My responsibility as a DJ is to create the energy that will allow every dancer to express themselves to their fullest ability.”

Brick Robbins

From San Diego, Brick has been DJing for dancers over a decade in both Tango and other genres. He DJs at festivals around the world and in his home town. With a love and deep knowledge of golden era tango for traditional milongas he uses the music to maintain a perfect energy level in the ballroom. Brick also brings his extensive library of dance music from outside of traditional tango to the Alternative room to create a fun and energetic dance experience for those inclined to push boundaries.

Olga Bogatova

When Olga took her first tango class she immediately discovered that this dance was a meaningful language with endless possibilities to create and interact. She became addicted to the dance and started collecting traditional and alternative tango music right away.

DJing has opened new doors for her to entertain dancers and connect with the community. With a diverse music taste, Olga combines tandas that tap into the mood of the milonga. Her goal is to keep everyone dancing and let the dancers experience the range of emotions that tango communicates. You can catch Olga at the milongas in San Francisco and East Bay.

Misha Petrovic

Misha started DJing in Singapore in 2009. He was active in Asia and Europe, as a dancer, DJ, teacher, and organizer, but is now based full time in Las Vegas. He is especially happy to be able to share his love for tango music with his new tango community in the US.

“I believe that there are only two key ingredients in creating a successful tango event — smiles and embraces — and the task of a DJ is to help ensure that all dancers feel comfortable in sharing both, on and off the dance floor.
A good DJ must always try to be an integral part of the dancing crowd, so I hope to always be recognized as a smiling, dancing DJ.”

Misha Petrovic

Aaron Quetzal Diaz

San Diego has a long history of fostering awesome DJs and Aaron is the most recent addition to the local roster. When Aaron discovered Tango he was captivated by the music, and driven by an obsession with Golden Age Orchestras.

His DJ debut was at Milonga Querida in Tijuana, Mexico. His journey north took him to San Diego, where he DJ’s regularly a practica and several local milongas. With his playful style, a dynamic flow and tasty cortinas, the night always seems short.