SELF PARKING Entrance is at 940 W. A street.
Use this address to navigate DIRECTLY to self parking.

To get the discounted ($12/per day) rate, self park and then Pay the Valet (in the front of the hotel) for discounted parking ticket. Be sure to tell them you need in and out privileges.

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The County Lot off of Ash may be a cheaper alternative if you are just coming for one event and do not need in and out privileges. The price there varies depending on events.

Metered parking is confusing! Be sure to check all signs when you park! To the best of our knowledge the spots WEST of Harbor BLVD (on the water side) are metered ALL days of the week, but are FREE after 8pm every day. Meters on the EAST side of Harbor BLVD and metered Mon-Sat and are FREE after 6pm. All meters will most likely be free on Sunday, for the New Year’s Day holiday (New Year’s Eve is NOT a parking holiday). CHECK THE METER CAREFULLY WHEN YOU PARK! We have tried to check out some of the meters in the area, but because it is confusing, we have found that not all meters conform to the same rules!