Fantastically beautiful clothing with total freedom of movement, handmade in downtown Los Angeles from luxury fabrics. Visit us at
Designed and produced by tango dancers, we have our finger on the pulse of tango fashion. Tangoleva knows what works, what feels good, what looks great. Preserving the classics and continually creating inspired pieces. Express your mood and personality with Tangoleva. Fabulous tango dresses, skirts, pants, tops and more! Visit
Tango Leva
Your embrace, your footwork, your movement, your musicality – it’s YOUR TANGO. Every tanguera needs a dress to match her unique style. Atelier Vertex designs beautiful dresses as unique as you are. Tango dresses that embody luxurious elegance and freedom to move the way you like to. Tailored to perfection from highest quality materials with movement in mind. Your Tango, Your Dress! Visit
Atelier Vertex
Yuliana is always in the search of the highest quality shoes that feel & look great. Currently she is the exclusive distributor of Regina Tango Shoes that are imported from Italy. Regina Tango Shoes are whimsical, quirky, elegant, and extremely comfortable. They represent the new generation of dance shoes – luxuriously made, with supple padding for ultimate comfort, and clever design that allows for hours of dancing in high heels. The Regina Tango Shoes for Women are specifically created for dancing by the best master craftsmen, in national studios, that respect faithfully the traditional Italian techniques, appreciated all over the world. She also carries other brands such as Souple, Bandolera & Luna Tango Shoes. Get familiar with her brands at

Bringing gorgeous Comme il Faut tango shoes from Buenos Aires to clients in the United States and around the world since 2003. We believe in the unparalleled elegance and style of the Comme il Faut brand, which is often imitated but never matched. We now also carry Regina, Bandolera, Odile, Madame Pivot, Souple, and Bandolera for Men.

In 2014, we launched our own line. Maleva label dance shoes are designed to be unique and different from any other tango shoes you can find, and at the same time affordable. They are also great for other dances, like salsa, ballroom, swing, bachata, kizomba, and more!

Also introducing the latest Maleva line of flirty dresses and skirts in fun and funky colors. All of our designs are tango-tested, in flattering silhouettes and comfortable, curve-hugging, high-quality fabrics. Everything is designed and hand-sewn by Jennifer Bratt of

Madame Pivot tango shoes have become a trademark in the tango industry. The Italian craftsmanship, the unique designs, and quality will make your dancing an even more enjoyable experience. The elegant aesthetics and fashionable design make Madame Pivot one of the most recognizable tango shoes from Italy! Madame Pivot tango shoes have a high standard for materials, using some of the most durable and luxurious leathers from Italy, and complimenting them with the strict attention to details.
The final results are very comfortable, durable and stylish tango shoes! Comfort, quality and style at your feet… A true masterpiece!


Jennifer Lynn Olson

Jennifer sells Bandolera, Turquoise, NeoTango, DNI, and DeBailar tango shoes. You can contact her directly at [email protected].