Milonga Schedule

Prices shown below are at-the-door prices. Prices listed are à la carte and will be available at-the-door for any milongas that have not Sold-Out. Individual milonga entries can not be purchased in advance or online, and are only available for purchase at-the-door if not sold-out. A “Milonga Pass” includes all milongas, mixers and practicas (including night milongas) from Friday through Tuesday unless otherwise noted in this schedule. Each “Day Pass” includes all Milongas, Mixers and Practicas for one day (including night milongas) unless otherwise noted in this schedule.

* Early Arrival and TangOver milongas are NOT included in ANY Passes (Milonga Pass or Day Pass). These milongas can be purchased at-the-door.

*** NYE party is $70 for 9:30pm-5:00am