Your Hosts

The San Diego Tango Festival is now hosted by “Team America”

Ellen, Tara, America

Tara, America and Ellen (Team America)

“Team America” has been the power behind the scenes of the past four great festivals. We start a new era with this great team of women that has kept past years running smoothly.  America, assisted ably by Tara, and Ellen, will make sure everything runs smoothly with some great volunteer help from the San Diego Tango Community. We are looking forward to hosting a great party for this eleventh festival hosted in San Diego!






Sabah and Zeina

Team Yak Emeritus

This festival was built by Tom Stermitz from Denver and headed with great generosity for the last four years by our most excellent San Diego Godfather of Tango, Yak Sabah.  We look forward to continuing that legacy of treating dancers and visiting artists to the greatest hospitality that San Diego has to offer.  We will continue to enjoy the positive energy of Team Yak Emeritus , Sabah and Zeina, as they take the opportunity to enjoy the festival more as they pass the torch to Team America to continue the tradition of great festivals!