Tango InForm™

Tango Inform™ - Conditioning for your Tango Body

Tango Inform warm up and technique classes are free to festival participants. Tango Inform is a series of warm up and technique class at San Diego Tango Festival. Care for your body in this hour and a quarter class. Prepare for the day of dancing ahead and enhance your physical understanding of your tango body. Tango Inform was created by Carrie Field, to prepare the body specifically for tango. This body of work draws on 22 years of full time teaching Pilates, Yoga and Gyrotonics, as well as B.A. in Dance and a career as a modern dancer. Dancing Tango since 2005, Carrie has taught Tango in Taos, New Mexico with Mike Malixi the since 2009. Taos Tango students have participated in numerous class labs, sharing their feedback. During this time, Carrie has cultivated the material for Tango Inform.
 The exercises of Tango Inform use 4 concepts: release, stretch, strength and Patterning. The individual exercises vary in their origins. Some of the exercises are from Pilates, yoga and Bartenieff Fundamentals, while others are original to Tango Inform. Improve your ease of movement, grace and physical confidence by treating yourself to Tango Inform.