2017 Festival Instructors

Maxi & Paloma

Maxi and Paloma focus on preserving the essence of traditional tango and its technique, while maintaining the connection during the improvisation. They inspire their students to develop a love for the embrace and the dance. They start their classes with the basics, discussing elemental topics, then build on them, creating a better understanding of the structure of tango.

Maxi and Paloma have been dancing Argentine Tango for over 18 years. They made it to the finals of the World Tango Championship six times, winning 2nd place in 2007 in Buenos Aires. They won 1st place in South Korea in 2008, and 1st place in Chile in 2001 and 2006.

Alex Krebs & Patricia Becker

Alex has been dancing Argentine Tango since 1997, and has run his Argentine tango studio, Tango Berretin, in Portland, Oregon since 2001. He has also studied the bandoneon since 2001 and is currently directing his sextet.

He is completely fanatic about the dance, and shares his passion with his students. He teaches for the social dance floor, emphasizing the improvisatory side of the dance through a strong communication between the lead and follow and on musicality. Alex tries to give his students the vocabulary necessary so that each person can find their own unique way of dancing — dancing the tango of their own body.

Alex and Patricia met dancing tango in Portland in 2014.  Shortly afterward he invited her to do a performance with him.  They discovered a mutual passion for the tango embrace, the nonverbal communication of the dance and  feeling for the music.  They have since had the opportunity to teach together at tango festivals in San Diego, Seattle and Tucson.

Homer & Cristina Ladas

Homer and Cristina both started their tango obsession in 1997. Each brings with them over a dozen years of social dance experience emphasizing a fusion of tango ideologies, via their ‘one tango’ philosophy.

As teachers they are committed to creating a positive class environment and try to reduce barriers that may inhibit students from really finding their own dance.

Adam Cornett & Tilly Kimm

Tilly Kimm and Adam Cornett began working together after Tilly finished her PhD three years ago. In April of 2016 they won the national championships and are the 2016 U.S. Tango Champions and represented the US in the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires. Between them they have over 27 years of Tango experience and over 35 years of dance experience.

Adam started tango at the age of 18 when he was in college in Portland and Tilly began when she was an undergraduate at MIT. They have often been recognized for their systematic and coordinated teaching style where both partners teach equally in class. Adam and Tilly specialize in Salon but both have roots in nuevo and milonguero styles.

Felipe Martinez & Ayano Yoneda

Felipe & Ayano came together in the tango scene of the SF Bay Area, and embody the global nature of tango, traveling full-time throughout North America, Europe, South America, and Asia to teach, DJ, and lecture about the music. They also spend time annually in Buenos Aires studying and enjoying the dance and its history.

Felipe’s background includes a degree in education and 20 years of experience in tango and is widely renown for his clear teaching strategy, enthusiastic personality, and ability to make real improvements in your dancing. Ayano has been dancing tango since 2005 and is an accomplished and motivated dancer, with excellent movement technique and musicality. She has been teaching with Felipe for the past few years around the country. Together, their demonstrations are clear and precise, offering students an excellent model of movement. Both Felipe and Ayano lead and follow interchangeably which is invaluable for teaching. Their series at Stanford University and their classes at The Beat in Berkeley are always in high demand, which is a tribute to their teaching excellence and wide appeal. We are very fortunate to have tango professionals of this caliber in San Diego. Come join us for a wonderful learning experience!

 Carrie Field

Carrie holds a Bachelors Degree in dance performance and had a previous career as a modern dancer where she toured nationally with various dance and theater companies. In love with Tango since 2005, Carrie Field has taught and toured nationally with Mike Malixi since 2009 as half of Taos Tango. She has been teaching Pilates since 1992, Yoga since 1999, and Gyrotonics since 2005. She holds certifications in all three practices.

Carrie is the creator of the Tango Inform™ series, a collection of exercises to prepare the body specifically for tango. Carrie will be offering these classes free to festival participants.