~ Saturday Night

Lampis has been fascinated by tango and continuously tries to expand his understanding of this complex art form. He strongly believes that appropriate music is a critical factor for an emotionally fulfilling evening of dancing and he aims to achieve exactly that with his music selections. He focuses on traditional music that brings the dancers on the dance floor keeping them there until the very end of the milonga. Lampis is a sought-after DJ and has been DJing festivals and major events from coast to coast in the USA as well as all in Europe and Asia.

Lung-Kuei Lin ~ ???


Lung-Kuei is an integral part of the U.S. scene, attracting both envy and affection as a dancer, and running off to festivals with tremendous zeal. He’s a very sought-after leader, constantly working to make his dancing more musical, and has developed keen sensitivity toward what makes a milonga go well.
Lung-Kuei started tango in 2005. He built a solid reputation as a DJ and now spins tunes at the best milongas in town. His choices are not strange: he just plays one good song after another, placed in sequence with sensitivity.
Lung-Kuei has zero attitude, always keeps a sense of humor, and remains a serious milonguero, 100% dedicated to the craft, the life, and the music of tango.

Tine Herreman~ ????


Tine Herreman plays devastating tangos, soaring valses and irresistible milongas. And some very groovy alternative, when the crowd is so inclined. She creates a warm and genial mood for the dancers to enjoy each other’s embrace. She has a vast collection, but every song she plays is a greatest hit. As a dancer, Tine likes to lead and follow uncomplicated tango with sophisticated musicality.
Tine deejays at big and small milongas in New York and the Northeast, and occasionally beyond. Festivals included the Portland Tango Fest,
NY Tango Festival, Tango de los Muertos, the Atlanta Tango Fest, the Yale Tango Fest, and others. She has played all-night events in Montreal, San Francisco and Europe. She DJs Tango Lounge (Friday) in New York.

Tine is pronounced like “Tina”.

Travil Widrick

Travis Widrick ~ ???

Travis was featured as guest DJ at some of the most popular milongas in Buenos Aires. As tango DJ his goal is to create a beautiful environment for dancing and to get you out of your seats and onto the dance floor. His passion for tango shows through in his Music and as DJ, he strives to build a wonderful energy with intense rhythmic melodies and romantic lyrical favorites. Currently, Travis is based in Buffalo, NY where he is a Tango teacher, DJ and founder of TWTango and ESO! Buffalo Tango Marathon.

Deniz Aybar~ ???

Deniz DJ

She started dancing tango in 2007 and fell in love with tango music from the very start. She started DJing in 2008 and developed her skills over the years. Her best DJing education was in Buenos Aires in 2013. She plays mostly Golden Era selections, and is known for her dynamic tandas. She was one of the DJs at the Istanbul Tango Ritual festival where Sabah heard her music and invited her to our festival.

Vincent Wong ~ ???

Vincent Wong is a Tango DJ in Los Angeles, California. He deejays regularly around the city include Practica-Longa Libertad, Milonga El Floridita in Hollywood, Milonga Sonata in Arcadia, Pasadena Caltech All-Night Milonga, DIVO Milonga in Santa Monica, Milonga Grand Casino Cafe in Culver City, Milonga LAX, and the 1st Los Angeles Tango Marathon “L.A.Tangothon 2012″. From collecting vintage audio for critical listening in a wide variety of music, Vincent found his passion for Tango in Los Angeles 2007. As an active Tango dancer himself, he understands the music is the single most important element of a good milonga. Every song he plays in a milonga is a greatest hit. The objective is keeping most everyone dancing or enjoy listening even when they were sitting.

Homer Ladas ~ Alternative Milonga

Tatiana Balashova ~ Beginner Mixers


Tatiana Balashova (Vancouver, Canada) is an experienced tango dancer (9+ years), who likes following, leading & swapping roles, as well as teaching tango. Both traditional tango music & non-traditional compositions are an endless inspiration to her.

Tatiana has been been DJ-ing on regular basis for about 4 years at various milongas in Vancouver, at the Montreal Tango Nuevo Festival 2011 (traditional, alternative), Vancouver Tango Marathon, Magic Tango Weekend.

With the MagicTango team she runs ZEN Milonga in Vancouver which dancers have described as “truly magic in music & atmosphere”.

Her DJ-ing style is to look for music which best fits the moment depending on dancers & ambiance. She enjoys creating a positive, romantic, relaxed & yet dynamic atmosphere so that enthusiastic dancers are inspired to keep on dancing every tanda and newcomers can’t wait to get on the dancefloor. “DJ-ing in a way is similar to editing a movie where each frame is unique and interesting and all together they can organically create an unforgettable, captivating story.”

Photo by: Mike Johnson

Amy Zhou ~ ???


Amy understands that the music is essential for creating a connected and joyful evening of dancing. As a DJ, she strives to inspire dancers and keep them on the floor throughout the night. She has been captivated by tango music since she started learning to dance. DJing became a natural extension of her tango journey, and she continues to explore the variety and intricacies of tango music. Amy DJ’s regularly at local milongas in Los Angeles, as well as at major West coast festivals such as San Diego and Tucson.