Your Hosts

The San Diego Tango Festival is now hosted by the San Diego Community headed by “Team Yak”

Sabah and ZeinaFirst, let me say that this is so very exciting for me. I am constantly thinking of ways to make this a unique and special festival. As a tango junkie and nomad, this is a huge event and I am determined to make it a festival for the junkies and by the nomads, especially New Years Eve which we will celebrate together with reckless abandon. This festival was built by our excellent friend Tom Stermitz from Denver and we have enjoyed great times and wonderful festivals as a result. Special recognition goes to Tom and his team for doing this and for handing the San Diego community a well established and very successful event. Our plan at this point is to have a screamingly fantastic time at the upcoming festival and, in that pursuit, a fine team of DJs and teachers has been assembled with more announcements to come. The beautiful Kona Kai resort is a great venue which will host the classes and several milongas in rooms with waterfront views, but our restless spirits we will venture off site for some events such as the all-nighter. New Year’s eve will be a huge bash with complimentary cake, champagne and possible surprises. We all look forward to a gathering of good friends sharing a wonderful time together. Hope to see you all there.
Sabah (The Yak)

Ellen, Tara, AmericaTeam Yak has some great new energy, as well as experienced staff from previous festivals. The women behind the man, Tara, America and Ellen, will make sure everything runs smoothly with some great volunteer help from the San Diego Tango Community. We are looking forward to hosting a great party for this seventh festival hosted in San Diego! Tara, America and Ellen (Team Yak)