9th Annual San Diego Tango Festival 2014

The San Diego Festival of Celebration begins on New Year’s Eve this time around. We will ring in the year with an all night Champagne and Cake party and end with a blast of an all nighter with waffles and the usual goodies. Our motto remains, we treat our artists like royalty and our dancers like family, we provide both a fun environment to enjoy dancing within the line of dance etiquette that we all believe in. We share the the same beautiful location with the sunsets, the sailboats and the good weather. So many cool DJs and teachers and so many fun things to do. Can’t wait :)


San Diego Tango Festival 2014: Homer & Cristina Ladas, Oliver Kolker, Dominic Bridge, Cecillia Piccinni, Patricia Becker, Alejandra Orozoco, Luciano Brigante